Cozy Mystery Series



Get your copy today– click here! Tea, Dessert, and Murder

TEA, DESSERT, AND MURDER:  Back from Alex’s wedding in Henley Bay, Nicki has a mystery to solve in her own backyard– and a very unexpected visitor on her doorstep!

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CHAMPAGNE, CUPCAKES, AND MURDER: A Food and Wine Club Mystery Book 4

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Alex is finally getting married– or not. When the cake maker is murdered and all the catering is in jeopardy, it’s up to Nicki to find the killer and get the wedding back on track!

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A BURGER, FRIES, AND MURDER: A Food and Wine Club Mystery Book 3

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Eddie makes the best burger in town. It’s a real killer!


DINNER, DRINKS, AND MURDER: The Food and Wine Club Book 2

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What do you do with a body that’s face-down in the pasta?


A SPECIAL BLEND OF MURDER: The Food  and Wine Club Book 1

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A Good Wine, Good Friends and a little Murder