The Circle of Friends Series

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February 14, 2016

I’m  really enjoying writing my first series of Historic Romantic Suspense, Circle of Friends, and meeting all the interesting characters that bond together to form a family of their own making. I actually started writing what was intended to be the second book in this series, and the plan was to then write the prequel with Maggie and Ian.  But they  kept interrupting me, as if they just knew I was supposed to be starting the journey with them!  So their story is being told in Believing in Dreams.  The next book, Believing in Love, which will be released along with Maggie & Ian’s story, is also a novella– a good sized one– about Bethany and John, which will be followed by a full length novel in the series.

There is plenty of romance and adventures in store for this unique band of friends~ and I hope you enjoy coming with me as we follow each of their unique and fascinating stories.  Happy reading!


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